Heating Services

Natural gas central heating

A warm home helps keep us and our family warm, comfortable and safe, but houses and households are always different. Houses may visually look the same, but their heating requirements may be completely different, our aim is to install or upgrade systems which have been tailored to individual client needs. Warm working or business environments will always be appreciated by employees, clients, customers or visitors that spend time in them, warmth helps maintain comfortable and productive working conditions and offers visitors a pleasant experience.

The principal benefit of gas central heating is that it has the ability to warm our entire home (or premises), rapidly and without adversely affecting the air, unlike gas or electric fires, storage heaters and older hot air systems which can all make the air dry, hard and may occasionally cause noticeable odours.

Energy efficient heating systems

With ever increasing fuel prices and natural gas being at the higher end of charges, it is now essential for consumers to have installed the most cost effective heating equipment. In line with current regulations, where possible, the fitting of highly efficient condensing boilers is the recommended strategy. Modern condensing boilers are now fitted with intelligent controllers and are capable of converting over 90% of the gas they use into heat.

Bradshaw Plumbing and Heating follow legislation of the Building Regulations Part L — Conservation of Fuel and Power, which has conditions associated to the replacement of boilers. Primarily, that a power flush system cleanse should be performed on a heating system prior to a replacement boiler being installed. Put simply, this procedure gives the heating system a thorough internal cleanse, helping to improve system performance, heightening its ability to transfer heat and helping toward the lowering of gas usage. More about power flushing [ here ], or see our Power Flushing page [ here ].

Heating services

Bradshaw Plumbing and Heating offer the full range of heating services, from the fitting of a replacement radiator valve, to the installation of a full energy efficient central heating system.

  • Gas central heating systems installed
  • Radiators renewed or exchanged
  • Old worn radiator valves renewed
  • Thermostatic radiator valves fitted
  • Gas boiler swaps
  • Power flushing
  • Heating pump exchanges
  • Gas boiler servicing
  • Gas appliance installation
  • Landlord certificate safety checks
  • New build and extension installations
  • Insurance work

Gas Safe registered

Gas safe registered plumber

We are fully trained to the most up-to-date natural gas regulations and registered with the Gas Safe register (CORGI registered prior to the change over).

Our qualification not only includes natural gas heating systems, we also fit natural gas fires and appliances, such as cookers and gas fired water boilers. If you're in need of a Gas Safe registered engineer call Bradshaw Plumbing and Heating Services.

We are always happy to quote for and undertake insurance and emergency work.

Our Heating Services Include:

  • Energy efficient heating

    Energy efficient gas central heating systems designed and installed, older systems upgraded to meet up–to–date standards. Gas boilers installed, replaced and serviced.

    Combi boilers installed or relocated to loft spaces (subject to site survey).

  • Radiators and valves

    Old inefficient or leaking radiators replaced. Modern, contemporary and high output radiators installed.

    Thermostatic valves fitted to help with heating efficiency and try to lower utility bills (use only the gas you need).

    Power flush specialists

  • Gas emergency and safety

    Gas heating system breakdowns and plumbing emergencies attended to, insurance work always welcome.

    Landlord and homeowner Gas Safety Certificates issued, certification failures brought up to regulation for full certification.

Power Flushing

Power flushing services

As water is pumped through a central heating system it causes steel radiators and other metallic components to rust internally, producing black iron oxide (Magnetite), commonly called sludge. This sludge may contain other harmful contaminants and can reduce water flow throughout the heating system, having a seriously adverse effect on the heating system's performance and possibly damaging components attached to it.

Power flushing is a mechanic procedure that is applied to the central heating system in order to remove these harmful contaminants, which are held in suspension within the water of the central heating system and that may have settled in some components of the system, such as radiators and cause restriction blockages in pipes, valves, pumps etc.

A machine which pumps water at high velocity, but low pressure (to protect the system from damage), is attached to the heating system and special, powerful cleansing chemicals are added to the water. These chemicals are designed to breakdown and dislodge the sludge, debris and any other particulates prior to total removal from the system by flushing. Heavily contaminated radiators may need to be individually treated and flushed (without removal from the main system) and they may even require the application of high frequency vibration, to dislodge any stubborn areas of contamination.

The system is eventually flushed with clean water and finally replenished with clean water and more special chemicals, called inhibitors, which are designed to help protect the heating system from future sludge build up.

See our Power Flush page [ here ].